Medicare is the fastest growing segment of the health insurance market. Over 10,000 people will enroll  in Medicare every day over the next 10 years. Are you one of them? Or do you know someone who is nearing Medicare eligibility? If so, we can help ensure that you purchase the right product at the right time for your specific needs.

  1. Medigap Plans – By enrolling in Traditional Medicare Parts A (for Hospital services) and Part B (for physician services), one still needs to fill in the coverage gaps to have complete coverage. That’s what a Medigap plan is designed to do. There are several different types of Medigap plans offered through a variety of insurance carriers.

  2. Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) - also referred to as Medicare Part D. Individuals can enroll in Part D coverage if they are eligible or enrolled in Parts A and B. There are many different insurance carriers offering Medicare RX plans with a range of coverage and premiums. We can help members determine which is the right plan for them by reviewing their list of medications and researching the marketplace. Or members can go onto and conduct their own research.

  3. Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD) –These are popular alternatives to traditional Medicare + RX plans. Private carriers offer a range of these products which consolidate all Medicare eligible services into one comprehensive plan and most cover prescriptions as well. The cost of these plans is usually much more competitive than Traditional Medicare. Actually, there are some Medicare Advantage plans that are zero premium (varies by County). These plans, however, feature cost-sharing and utilize participating network providers so proper research is recommended to determine if these plans are right for you.