Our Services

Independent Agency: We do not work for any one insurance company. We work for you. By representing ALL the leading insurance companies, we can be objective and represent your group’s best interests. We evaluate all your specific needs including: cost, benefit design, employee contributions and key physicians before making any recommendations.

Health Care Reform: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is dramatically changing the landscape of the health insurance market. Our benefits department professionals have been tracking this legislation very closely from the beginning and can help you better understand this very complex law and its impact on YOUR business. We can prepare you and tell you what you need to know and what you need to do.

Strategic Planning and Premium Negotiation: Managing your healthcare plan is not a short term proposition. Utilizing discipline and long term vision, we help our clients maintain stability despite the volatile marketplace. Our competitive data and our strong relationships with the carriers help us to negotiate and leverage the best pricing available so that we can renew your account in a cost-effective manner.

Compliance: The benefits landscape is full of legal potholes for any employer. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) brings a myriad of notification requirements and deadlines for all employers. This is in addition to annual re-certifications, federal COBRA, state continuation, and ERISA. We will make sure you understand all your obligations as a plan sponsor.

Payroll Contribution Strategies: It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare has been spiraling out of control in recent years. Employers have been hard pressed to keep up with this pace of inflation. More and more, cost has been shifting from employer to employee. Establishing the proper employee payroll deduction has become a very critical business decision. Utilizing our extensive experience and innovative strategies, we can help you find the right balance of affordability and employer benevolence. You can still attract and retain high quality employees while watching your bottom line.

Employee Communication Strategies: The key to a successful open enrollment campaign is an effective employee communication strategy. Whether you are changing carriers or just making simple plan changes, it’s always a good idea to provide your employees with some formal communication. It can consist of a series of employee meetings that we host or quite simply an employee memo that we prepare for you. A clear, concise employee communication plan will help your employees maximize their benefits while increasing their employee satisfaction.

Claims Resolution: This sets us apart from our competitors. Many times, insurance carriers will not adjudicate claims properly or will pend claims for missing information. When these situations arise, we encourage our clients to notify us so we can help facilitate accurate and timely claims processing. We can even help our clients file appeals in the event that a claim is improperly denied.

Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our customers. We will always get back to you in a timely manner and will always follow through to make sure the insurance carriers follow through on their obligations. We always fight for our clients. It’s this customer-first attitude and professionalism that has created strong customer loyalty and enabled us to maintain an unprecedented level of client retention.

Health Savings Accounts:  In recent years, Health Saving Accounts (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) have become popular with certain organizations. These tax favored funding vehicles can dramatically cut the cost of your healthcare plan. But, it does require careful and thoughtful planning. Clear employee communication is also critical. We can evaluate these plans for you to see if they make sense for your organization.